WORD/80 is a complete product for the generation of memos, letters and reports. The product consists of two parts: An Editor which is used to create, type, print and store documents, and a Formatter to format and print files created with the Editor.

System Configuration


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Note: Make sure that the Volume name on the diskette is Word80, otherwise, automatic loading of programs may not work. The file names of the programs in these directories may have been changed because of incompatibilities between either the Unix or the DOS/Windows filesystems. Essentially, spaces and "/" characters were converted to "_" and .BIN extensions were added to the files. Use the following table to locate the correct Series-80 filename when transferring the file back to the LIF floppy. Finally, be sure to read the instructions for transferring programs and data from your workstation to your Series 80 computer.

If you have the ability to create a floppy from a binary image, here is the entire diskette image: HP87-Word80.BIN.


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Name         Type       Bytes   Recs    Len   Name
Editor       BASIC       256     5      1256  Editor.BIN
Formatter    BASIC       256     5      1261  Formatter.BIN
EdProg       BASIC       256   367     93710  EdProg.BIN
FmtProg      BASIC       256   336     85771  FmtProg.BIN
EdMsg        DATA        256    25      6400  EdMsg.BIN
FmtMsg       DATA        256    24      6144  FmtMsg.BIN
BIN15        BPGM        256     1       251  BIN15.BIN
BIN24B       BPGM        256    17      4206  BIN24B.BIN
BIN25B       BPGM        256    14      3436  BIN25B.BIN
HP82905B     DATA        256    17      4352  HP82905B.BIN
HP2601A      DATA        256     9      2304  HP2601A.BIN
Voyager      DATA       1683    73     18688  Voyager.BIN

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