HP-9111A Utility Disk for the HP-83/85

This disk contains various utilities, support programs and examples of the use of the HP-9111A digitizing tablet in conjunction with the HP-83/85 computer.

A special section of this web site contains manuals and other information regarding the HP-9111A tablet.

Note: Make sure that the Volume name on the diskette is TOOLS, otherwise, automatic loading of programs may not work.

The file names of the programs in these directories may have been changed because of incompatibilities between either the Unix or the DOS/Windows filesystems.

Essentially, spaces and "/" characters were converted to "_" and .BIN extensions were added to the files. Use the following table to locate the correct Series-80 filename when transferring the file back to the LIF floppy.

Please read the instructions for transferring programs and data from your workstation to your Series 80 computer.

These programs are tape-based, and due to the tokenization system used by the Series80 BASIC, they will insist on accessing the tape even if you have a floppy or hard disk installed and have changed the default mass storage device. In order to convert these programs for use with the Mass Storage ROM, please read the section Translating Tape-Based programs to Disc-Based programs (page 28) of the HP-85 Mass Storage ROM Manual.

If you have the ability to create a floppy from a binary image, here is the entire diskette: HP9111A-Utils.BIN.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank Mr. Glenn Sherwood for contributing these files.


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Name        Type    Bytes   Recs   Len    Name
Autost      BASIC80   256     9    2150   Autost.BIN
AR&DIS      BASIC80   256    80   20480   AR+DIS.BIN
ASTER       BASIC80   256    27    6912   ASTER.BIN
CHASTB      BPGM80    256     8    2048   CHASTB.BIN
CLOCK       DATA80   1024    40   10240   CLOCK.BIN
CONTIN      BASIC80   256    50   12800   CONTIN.BIN
DAISY       BASIC80   256     8    1885   DAISY.BIN
DEMO        BASIC80   256     9    2304   DEMO.BIN
DRAW        BASIC80   256   113   28928   DRAW.BIN
GRDATA      BASIC80   256    44   11264   GRDATA.BIN
PLOTA       BASIC80   256     7    1792   PLOTA.BIN
PLOTC       BASIC80   256     7    1792   PLOTC.BIN
PLOTD       BASIC80   256     8    2048   PLOTD.BIN
REVID       BASIC80   256     2     512   REVID.BIN
ROOM        DATA80   1024    40   10240   ROOM.BIN
TRACKA      BPGM80    256     4    1024   TRACKA.BIN

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