HP-83/85 Regression Analysis Pac Disk


The Regression Analysis Pac analyzes relationships between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. This software lets you use the least squares method to fit your data to a polynomial regression or to a multiple linear regression. Requires use of the Basic Statistics and Data Manipulation Pac.

The programs in this directory were included with the Series 80 Regression Analysis Pac. They apply to all the machines in the Series 80 family.

System Configuration


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The file names of the programs in these directories may have been changed because of incompatibilities between either the Unix or the DOS/Windows filesystems. Essentially, spaces and "/" characters were converted to "_" and .BIN extensions were added to the files. Use the following table to locate the correct Series-80 filename when transferring the file back to the LIF floppy. Finally, be sure to read the instructions for transferring programs and data from your workstation to your Series 80 computer.

If you have the ability to create a floppy from a binary image, here is the entire diskette image: HP85-RegressionPac.BIN.


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Name         Type       Bytes   Recs    Len   Name

ADVST        BASIC    256     3       600  ADVST.BIN
DATA         DATA     300    18      4608  DATA.BIN
REENT        BASIC    256     4       823  REENT.BIN
MLR1         BASIC    256    22      5625  MLR1.BIN
MLR2         BASIC    256    12      2966  MLR2.BIN
STEP1        BASIC    256    21      5366  STEP1.BIN
STEP2        BASIC    256    22      5503  STEP2.BIN
POLY1        BASIC    256    22      5414  POLY1.BIN
POLY2        BASIC    256    27      6704  POLY2.BIN
RESID        BASIC    256    21      5196  RESID.BIN
EX-MLR       DATA     700    20      5120  EX-MLR.BIN
EX-POL       DATA     700    20      5120  EX-POL.BIN
DOCRG1       BASIC    256    37      9427  DOCRG1.BIN
DOCRG2       BASIC    256    27      6733  DOCRG2.BIN
REDZER       BPGM     256     5      1152  REDZER.BIN

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