HP-83/85 Graphics Presentations Pac Disk


The Series 80 Graphics Presentations Pacs allow you to create text, line, bar and pie charts of the quality normally possible only by professional artists. Charts for professional quality reports and presentations can be generated quickly and easily, on acetate or paper, using either of the Series 80 Graphics Presentations Pacs. The HP-86/87 version of the pac takes advantage of the large graphics display and allows te user to see exactly what will appear on the chart prior to plotting. The HP-86/87 version also allows charts to be stored as graph files and inserted into memos, reports etc. via the WORD/80 Application Pac.

After creating a few slides and charts with the manual as a reference, the user will be able to proceed by following the instructions and messages contained in the Graphics Presentations program.

System Configuration


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Note: Make sure that the Volume name on the diskette is GRAPHP, otherwise, automatic loading of programs will not work. The file names of the programs in these directories may have been changed because of incompatibilities between either the Unix or the DOS/Windows filesystems. Essentially, spaces and "/" characters were converted to "_" and .BIN extensions were added to the files. Use the following table to locate the correct Series-80 filename when transferring the file back to the LIF floppy. Finally, be sure to read the instructions for transferring programs and data from your workstation to your Series 80 computer.

If you have the ability to create a floppy from a binary image, here is the entire diskette image: HP85-GraphicsPresentationsPac.BIN.


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Name         Type       Bytes   Recs    Len   Name
GP           BASIC       256     2       389  GP.BIN
GP-BIN       BPGM        256    10      2464  GP-BIN.BIN
SET-UP       BASIC       256    59     14993  SET-UP.BIN
INDEX        DATA        256    16      4096  INDEX.BIN
SPACE        DATA        256     8      2048  SPACE.BIN
MENU         DATA        256    26      6656  MENU.BIN
CREATE       BASIC       256    80     20470  CREATE.BIN
PLOT         BASIC       256    38      9613  PLOT.BIN
CHRDAT       DATA        256    99     25344  CHRDAT.BIN
PCHART       BASIC       256    77     19649  PCHART.BIN
BCHART       BASIC       256    78     19859  BCHART.BIN
LCHART       BASIC       256    78     19963  LCHART.BIN

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